Author: DavidJKelley

BICA 2018 Proceedings Released Latest Feasibility Study

This paper articulates the results of a feasibility study and potential impact of the theoretical usage and application of an Independent Core Observer Model (ICOM) based Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) system and demonstrates the basis for why similar systems are well adapted to manage soft behaviors and judgements, in place of human judgement, ensuring compliance […]

AGI Laboratory Developed New Consciousness Model for Artificial General Intelligence

Jan 30, 2018 press by DavidJKelley
The research theory is in a white paper which is titled: “The Independent Core Observer Model Computational Theory of Consciousness and the Mathematical model for Subjective Experience” Abstract: This paper outlines the Independent Core Observer Model (ICOM) Theory of Consciousness defined as a computational model of consciousness that is objectively measurable and an abstraction produced […]

Your New Partner in AI and Blockchain Technologies

Jan 23, 2018 press by DavidJKelley
The AGI Lab has opened its doors to supporting businesses and external organizations in the effort to improve the adoption of advanced computing technologies from machine learning applied to big data, to emotionally driven software systems in drones and advanced blockchain based systems. Helping developmentĀ teams, companies and groups learn and execute on these kinds of […]

COG Research Program

Jan 23, 2018 press by DavidJKelley
The AGI Lab program to help manage AGI related assets includes the COG token to provide machine learning and cloud asset resource management. The COG Token blockchains system provides access to the infrastructure of easy-to-use mix-and-match pieces which don’t require intimate familiarity with the disparate systems and programming languages underlying them. In particular, COG tokens […]