Emotional Insight Partner Program

Humans make their choices and are motivated by emotions.

According to research that helped lead to this company, researchers like Damasio (Descartes 2006) found that human motivation and choice is almost entirely driven by emotions.  AGI, Inc. can help you and your customers understand how consumers feel about you, your products, your online presence and more.  Our insight reporting provides a level of nuanced emotional reporting far beyond that of anyone else using arguably the most advanced Artificial Intelligence system in the world to date.

Do a million dollars in market research in 10 minutes.

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Our Vision for our Partners

We are a sophisticated software and AI firm, our goal is more and better products.  Our partner channel is our way of going to market to help you deliver cutting edge consumer intelligence and market research to your customers. If you are a marketing firm, an SEO firm, a social media firm or a large company looking for those kinds of emotional viewpoints from your customers or your customer’s “customers”, join our Partner program today.

Our key partners ‘today’ include: New Dimension Media, Valmar Group LLC., Cordero Inc.

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What kind of Reports can AGI Inc. do?

Understand how customers feel about things now?  Beyond positive or negative sentiment, our intelligence helps you understand trust factors, Anger vs Disgust, Joy and much more.  Humans don’t just have positive emotions but a complex emotional landscape we can help you identify, to gain a deep understanding of customers and their thoughts emotionally about you, the product and company in question.


Figure 1.1 – Example Customer Emotional Dashboard

Currently we have 4 key types of reports. Some reports are exclusive to our official trusted partner’s needs.  Our technology can give you, as our partner, a competitive advantage in customer insight.

Those report types include:

  • AGI Sentiment Reports: These types of reports tell you how your customers feel towards you right now, either in detail or as a summation of positive or negative feelings. This sort of reporting, especially over time, helps you know if your customers are getting more or less happy with you.  Real time analysis allows you to utilize your own marketing to better engage and turn trends in your favor.
  • AGI Trend Reports: Knowing that your customers feelings towards you are improving, and also when they fluctuate, helps you understand how what you do affects how they are feeling. Those trends can be the basis for improving your relationship with your customers.
  • AGI Customer Engagement: Engagement is looking at how much your communication and material affect public perception. Looking at how much you engage your demographic in a positive way helps you understand how well you are connecting with your customers..
  • AGI Intelligence [To be announced] : This particular report really shakes up the work of understanding the customer but also shows the power of true Artificial Intelligence.  [ ETA Jan 2019 ] This particular type of analysis will include analysis of material you have that is not public.

If you use key performance indicators (KPI’s), or any other reporting scoring system to look at online data to understand marketing penetration, customer engagement, sentiment and the related marketing analytics, we would love to help you take it to the next level.  Please reach out to us with questions and for additional information.

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Can I get more detail as to what kinds of information we can look at? 

Sure.  Our research into machine intelligence is really focused on looking at things in terms of emotions.  Our emotional model we are using is based on another researcher’s work (Plutchik 2016) which established a basis for looking at emotions based on functions of 8 vectors.  Here is a visualization of those emotional vectors and their relationships, or order:

Figure 1.2 – Modified Plutchik Emotional Wheel

In analyzing details, our Artificial Intelligence system is looking at things in terms of the emotions shown in figure 1.2.  It is in the relationships of these emotions to material where we can look at much more nuanced details and do correlations at a level not previously done.  For more information look at some of the material that has been published in the scientific community by our research team: [Current Published Research]

Contact us now to learn more and join our Emotional Insight Partner Program [more info/contact]